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With Infinite ONE, you now have the ability to add L-Norvaline to any existing supplement or even make your own pump product.*
Stacking Infinite ONE:
The Basics
• Citrulline
Add To:
• Pre workout that does not contain L-Norvaline to help support general blood flow.*
• Infinite Labs®Infinite Force® to support blood flow during exercise.


L-Norvaline: is a form of the branched chain amino acid known as Valine, and while showing some of the nutritional benefits of Valine, L-Norvaline has also been suggested to help support circulation and cardiovascular efficiency.*
During exercise, it is important to maximize blood flow so that nutrient-rich blood flows to the active muscle tissues. When there isn’t enough blood flow to specific areas, you will feel it in the form of fatigue and muscle failure.* If one of your pre workout concerns is blood flow…

Serving Size 1 Scoop (250 mg)
Servings Per Container60

Amount Per Serving % DV
L-Norvaline 250 mg **

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