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Nutrabolics THERMAL XTC POWDER 174g!


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Regular Price: $89.95

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Regular Price: $89.95

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Nutrabolics® has released an innovative new form of Thermal XTC,™ their signature euphoric fat-burning pill supplement. The new fast-absorbing Thermal XTC™ powder boasts many of the familiar cutting edge thermogenic and euphoric ingredients of the original formula, including Red Raspberry Ketones, African Wild Mango Extract, Wild Nutmeg, and Gamma-Butyrobetaine. In their new micronized powder form, these elements work faster than ever to rev up fat-burning and provide a clean, consistent energy high; but what is really drawing attention is the formulas brand new ingredients.

The new Thermal XTC™ powder has added Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean Extract to its potent matrix. Garcinia Cambogia is an exotic fruit that has displayed multiple direct and peripheral benefits in supporting fat loss. The range of effects related to Garcinia cambogia and it’s key ingredient Hydroxycitric acid span from fat production blocking to appetite suppression to the elevation of seratonin levels to affect mood and decrease stress hormones. Thermal XTC™ has also picked up Green Coffee Bean Extract, which is exactly what it sounds like – the concentrated extract from natural, unroasted coffee beans. This ingredient contains chlorogenic acid, which has been shown to slow fat absorption after eating a meal, as well as enhance the body’s ability to consume fatty acids.

These 2 new elements have been praised by both bodybuilding circles and the mainstream media as revolutionary new fat-fighting ingredients.

"Our new version of Thermal XTC™ is undoubtedly going to be a great addition to our line, as it addresses a massive market demand for effective, fast-absorbing, dissolvable supplements. The original pill form basically pioneered the category of "euphoric fat- burners" and made a big impact, so I have great expectations that our athletes and customers will appreciate how we have tailored this powerhouse supplement to their evolving needs."

To learn more about Thermal XTC™ visit: http://www.nutrabolics.com/product-detail-page-60- thermal-xtctrade.html?dpcat=8

About Nutrabolics® Founded in 2002 by Rodney Dupont and Jayson Wyner, Nutrabolics® offers scientifically- validated formulas in a variety of products for Sports Nutrition, Weight Management, and Athletic Performance. Available in over 50 countries worldwide, Nutrabolics® is a number one choice of athletes & fitness enthusiasts around the world.

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