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A Supplement Review - Cort RX - ATP Science

A Supplement Review - Cort RX - ATP Science

Posted in Supplements by Elite Supps

This supplement is a concentrated blend of powerful herbs, developed by a naturopath, including a number that I try to include in my own hormone balancing and anti inflammatory and stress busting regime including my favourite Tumeric, schisandra, Withania and Rhodiola. 

As a busy athlete and entrepreneur with many family and work commitments I have been struggling for a long time with adrenal exhaustion so I was very excited to be able to try this out. 
The bottle contains 90 capsule which is 30 days supply and at $68.95 isn’t cheap but then the combination is a powerful mix and quality costs.
These herbs help the body adapt to the many external stressor that we all face in our crazy busy lives. My cortisol levels have been very low according to my last saliva test so this is the perfect adrenal support product and I know many of our athletes that we coach need to support those adrenal glands so Cort RX is great for that 
Adrenal exhaustion is at epidemic levels  as we weren’t really made to live with this constant level of stress that many of us find ourselves in nowadays. Our fight or flight response which is mean to kick in to help us escape dangers like a lion chasing us, is now a constant state - our mind and body doesn’t differentiate between real and imminent physical dangers like our ancestors faced to the constant stress from work, family, our technological devices and the toxic soup of chemicals we are exposed to constantly.
So let’s take a quick look at what the herbs contained in this supplement do 
Schisandra Chinensis is an adaptogenic herb found in North West China and has traditionally been used for it’s antioxidant qualities. So it helps your body fight against pollution, toxins and poor eating and drinking habits.
It also helps restore cortisol levels to where they should be which has many beneficial side effects like lowering anxiety and improved sleep. It can also help with cognitive performance. 

Withania Somnifera - This is another great herb that brings our cortisol profile into line and helps us balance our thyroid hormones and strengthen our immune system.

Rhodiola - This is another adaptogenic herb that helps with fat burning, energy boosting and is used for mental acuity. It can contribute to insomnia if taken too late in the day though so watch out for that.

Tumeric - This is my all time favourite herb. It has so many benefits to the body and mind. Tumeric contains Curcumin which is a bioactive compound that has powerful anti-inflammatory properties great for a wide range of ailments that come from chronic inflammation in the body. It is also an anti-oxidant and it helps boost the body’s own antioxidant enzymes - a double whammy on the anti-oxidant front. Curcumin also boost Brain Derived Neuotrophic Factor that has been linked to improved brain function. 

To sum up this product with the powerful combination of herbs it contains makes it a winner for me. 


Author: Lisa Tamati

Running Hot Coaching

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