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Protein Powder Supplements

As the leading supplier of protein supplements in Australia, the team at Elite Supps is the perfect partner to help you achieve your fitness goals. We offer the widest range of international and Australian protein powder supplements so no matter what your goal is, we have the right supplement for you. Browse our incredible range for the best protein powder in Australia to help you on your journey to fitness. With a collection of protein supplements as vast as ours, we know you will find exactly what you are looking for with Elite Supps.

The original and the best

As one of the first suppliers of protein powder online, we have had many years to perfect our range to offer the best products for you. From whey protein to keto starters, to meal replacements, you will find everything you need in our protein supplement store. We even offer specialty supplements such as gluten-free and lactose-free options to suit various dietary requirements. We have years of experience in bringing you the best protein powder in Australia so when you are choosing a store for your next batch of health and fitness supplies, look no further than Elite Supps – the original and the best.

Unbeatable product knowledge on protein supplements

At Elite Supps, we aim to help you learn all that you can, to help guide you on your journey to health and fitness with our protein powder supplements. We know that being educated about your body is sometimes the hardest part of the journey, which is why we maintain a detailed blog on our site covering everything from our favourite recipes to the latest research in fitness training, to the items we have on sale in our store. We have information readily available on each of the brands we stock and a detailed frequently asked questions page to help you learn everything there is to know about maintaining your personal health and fitness.

Competitive pricing on Australian protein powder

With over 40 stores located across Australia plus the option to purchase your protein powder online, Elite Supps has a large distribution network which gives us the buying power to offer you the most competitive rates on protein powder in Australia. It is the philosophy of our family-owned and operated company to deliver you the best Australian protein powder supplements along with the finest in international brands while supporting you with our great customer service. All orders of protein powder supplements over $150AUD in value come with free shipping included, and for orders under $150, we offer a low flat rate so you can get the protein supplements you need at the most affordable price.

Buy the best Australian protein powder supplements from Elite Supps

If you are looking for some direction on the best protein supplements for your personal fitness goals, feel free to visit us at any of our stores around the country or contact us online for personal and professional advice on the best protein powder supplements for you. If you are interested in sharing your thoughts on the best protein supplements in Australia on your personal blog or website, it may be worth looking into our affiliate program which offers rewards to those promoting our range of protein powder online. The Elite Supps team is here to assist you however we can on your journey to fitness.


What are protein supplements?

Protein supplements are a nutritional supplement, most commonly used as part of a fitness regime in conjunction with a healthy diet, to help fuel your muscles before or after a workout. These nutritional supplements aid in muscle building, tissue repair and making enzymes for your body by providing proteins (amino acids) that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Protein supplements come in powder form such as whey protein powder, which was the original product to be released into the market. These days, the types of protein supplements you can get have expanded to include snacks, high protein bars and even pancake mixes to help fuel your body.

Are protein supplements good for losing weight or gaining weight?

Protein is a daily nutritional requirement for the body, with the national guidelines recommending a minimum of 0.8-1g/kg of body weight. Nutritionists, fitness professionals and dieticians advise that increasing protein intake can assist in achieving weight control goals, whether they be to lose or gain weight. When you exercise, your body becomes depleted of essential proteins. Accordingly, supplements can be used to aid you in active recovery and replenishment. Protein powder supplements can be used for many purposes, including:

  • Losing Weight

  • For those trying to lose weight, studies have shown that whey protein is successful in satiating appetite. A reduction in over-eating is a primary contributor to the art of losing weight and with the support of the right supplements, this can be successfully achieved for both men and women. Those who chose whey protein supplementation for their breakfast meals have found this to be the most effective strategy in reducing hunger throughout the day (1, 2).

  • Building muscle

  • When paired with a suitable fitness regime, protein supplements aid in muscle repair, therefore supporting muscle growth in the body. This is why it can be included as part of a weight-loss or weight gain program, depending on your circumstances. For overweight individuals pairing protein as an appetite regulator with a workout regime has proven to be an effective way to boost muscle production and toning - which seems to be one of the most common practices for reducing body fat levels. Certain types of protein powder are proven not only to suppress hunger but to boost energy production, giving you more motivation to complete the workouts you need to lose weight (3).

  • Reducing fat

  • Using a protein supplement aids in muscle recovery, growth and toning as well as regulating hunger levels and blood sugar levels throughout the day all whilst providing clean calories for energy. All of these benefits combined are designed to help reduce unwanted fat stores whilst maintaining the integrity of your muscles.

  • Gaining Weight

  • For those attempting to bulk up or gain weight, it can be difficult to consume the amount of food needed to achieve specific weight gain goals. The use of protein powder is common in groups such as these as it delivers the right amount of nutrients to your body without the need to overeat. Studies have shown that protein supplementation can effectively provide the required nutrients to the body in a regular-sized meal rather than encouraging binge eating behaviours, which may not produce the desired results (4).

Whether you are attempting to lose or gain weight, there are a number of research studies that have shown protein supplements to have a positive effect on insulin intake, cardiovascular health and antioxidant levels. By utilising the right protein powder whether, via whey protein or casein products, you give yourself the best chance to achieve your goals. Engaging in protein supplementation to control weight loss or gain is a healthy alternative for controlling weight in both men and women (5, 6).

What kind of protein supplements should I use to gain muscle mass?

How we gain muscle mass is different for men and women, which is why you can buy protein powder designed specifically for women and why we advise on different kinds of protein powder for men to use depending on their body type. The classic muscle-building protein powder is whey protein which can come in multiple forms including:

  • Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)

  • For those looking to gain bulk as well as muscle mass, a whey protein concentrate is the most effective way to do so. Due to the processing method, whey protein concentrate typically contains more carbohydrates and fat than an isolate, which can help build bulk and muscle mass.

  • Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)

  • If you’re aiming for a slimmer, leaner body shape, a whey protein isolate may be the best product for you. Research indicates that isolates contain a lower amount of carbs and fat while boasting more protein per serving size. Isolates are more commonly used by women who are looking to reduce body fat while improving overall muscle tone.

  • Whey Protein Blend

  • Whey protein powder helps build muscle most effectively when consumed either just before, during, or just after a workout as it helps to replenish depleted muscles. Casein protein, found in some of our whey protein blends, has proven benefits as a slow-release protein supplement that can help replenish muscles overnight, ready for the next day’s workout if taken in the evening.

  • Whey Protein Hydrolysed

  • There have been numerous studies indicating that protein supplementation can positively affect mixed muscle protein synthesis when paired with high resistance training at regular intervals. These studies have shown that choosing the speed of digestion can be affected by choosing different supplements. Whey hydrolysate has been proven to assist in repairing tissue damage, which is caused by vigorous exercise while contributing to an increase in strength over a measured period of time (7, 8, 9).


  • According to research-based evidence, for people looking to boost their muscle mass with whey protein powder, the key is pairing the ingestion of whey protein with resistance-based exercise. This works to boost amino acids through elevated protein intake using either whey protein isolates or concentrates which are proven to have similar amino acid content. Though each protein powder works with the body differently, it effectively produces a similar result, which is net muscle protein synthesis (10, 11).

Whey protein powder helps build muscle most effectively when consumed either just before, during, or just after a workout as it helps to replenish depleted muscles. Casein protein has proven benefits as a slow-release protein supplement which, if taken in the evening, can help to replenish muscles overnight ready for the next day’s workout.

How does protein powder help me to lose weight?

Successful weight loss is always most effective with a combination of diet and exercise. We offer a range of protein Keto products to assist with diet as well as sugar-free protein bars aid in the reduction of calorie intake. By consuming protein supplements earlier in the day, you are more likely to consume fewer calories throughout the remainder of the day due to the nature of protein powder, which helps you to feel full for longer.

Whether you decide to use the slow-release compounds of casein or whey protein, protein supplementation is not a long-term solution for weight loss. Protein powder is best used to kickstart a weight loss regime over an initial 12-week period but should also be backed with regular exercise and a healthy diet for the best results (12).

Some of our top recommended protein supplements for weight loss include:

  • BioTechUSA Iso Whey Zero

  • When combined with strength and interval training, increased levels of protein in your diet can help increase your weight loss by aiding in lean muscle mass development, increased metabolism and satiety, which in turn helps your body burn energy lowering your fat stores (13).

  • EHP Labs Oxywhey

  • When paired with resistance or aerobic exercise, protein supplements aid in changing overall body composition. Though ingesting protein is shown to regulate appetite, it does not have the power to change your metabolism. Suppose you choose to use protein powder as part of a diet and exercise regime to reduce body weight — in this case, you will still need to address your personal metabolism to ensure that you are feeding your body a reduced number of calories for ultimate success (14).

  • Maxine's Burn

  • If you are struggling to overcome obesity, certain types of protein powder can be more beneficial than others. One particular study recorded effective weight loss results in those who did not adhere to a strict dietary plan. Results found that participants achieved success in waist size reduction simply by consuming two whey protein drinks on a daily basis over a measured period of time (15).

  • Muscle Nation Casein Custard

  • Successful weight loss is always most effective with a combination of diet and exercise. Choosing high protein snacks, such as our casein custard, allows you to boost your protein intake throughout the day while avoiding urges to overindulge. You can choose to use high protein snacks to aid recovery after a workout or as appetite suppressants to assist with maintaining a healthy diet.

Using a protein powder in combination with exercise and a healthy diet helps you build muscle and reduce unwanted fat stores. Low-carb protein bars can also be extremely beneficial in helping you to lose weight. We offer a range of protein keto products to assist with your diet and sugar-free protein bars to reduce calorie intake. By consuming protein supplements earlier in the day, you are more likely to consume fewer calories throughout the remainder of the day due to the nature of protein powder, which helps you to feel full for longer.

Are protein powder supplements good for you?

Certain types of protein supplements, such as collagen protein, are consumed to sustain healthy joints and skin elasticity as you age. Protein powder has also been noted for its ability to improve body composition, joint health, and healing rates. Overall protein powder supplements should be used in the same way that many natural supplements are used, to replenish what your body is lacking, support optimal nutrition and your goals.

We offer a range of organic protein powders which contain all-natural ingredients to ensure that we have the healthiest protein options for you. Typically, protein powder can be very good for those who might lack protein in their diets such as vegans and vegetarians, older people, and athletes. A heavy fitness routine depletes your body of its stored proteins which is where the use of protein supplements is beneficial to replenish what is lacking in your body.

What type of protein powder has no dairy or lactose?

The range of protein powder in Australia has grown to include many new options for those looking for alternatives to regular whey protein in recent years. This range has been developed to suit allergies such as dairy or lactose intolerance and for dietary choices such as veganism. Our collection of non-dairy protein powders includes:

  • Plant-based protein powder

  • As with many plant-based products in the market, finding the right balance of protein sources is vitally important to successful protein supplementation. Though whey protein is considered to be the optimal protein powder when it comes to supporting muscle protein synthesis, a comparative study using plant-based, and a combination of pea and rice protein powder, produced results in relation to important amino acids — similar to those seen as a result of using whey protein (16).

  • Hemp protein powder

  • With the recent rise in popularity and legalisation of hemp-based food products taking place in Australia in 2017, hemp protein is a relatively new introduction to the Australian market. A recent study in Canada shows that hemp food products such as protein powder offer full amino acid profiles which are beneficial in adjusting body composition. Hemp protein is derived from the Sativa strain of cannabis, which has shown remarkable effects on an extensive range of health and wellness issues around the world (17).

  • Pea protein powder

  • As is the case with many protein supplements on the market, pea-based protein is useful in much more than just losing weight or gaining muscle. Recent studies have shown that the use of pea protein powder can have positive health benefits in many areas including gastric digestion and lowering blood pressure. When compared with the success of whey protein in building muscle thickness in combination with resistance training, it has been concluded that pea protein is a perfectly viable substitute for whey protein with minimal differences recorded in the results achieved (18, 19, 20).

  • Rice protein powder

  • Rice protein powder is known to contain many beneficial amino acids. We offer a full range of rice-based protein options, including brown rice protein, which is proven to contain high levels of cysteine, known to enhance lung health and promote detoxification in the body, in addition to boosting energy levels for workouts. As an easily digestible plant-based product, rice protein powder is favoured by many who struggle with flavour and allergies.

  • Vegan protein powder

  • Though one of the largest selling points of vegan protein supplementation is that it contains no animal products, many choose to use our vegan options as a solution to allergies they have experienced with other protein powders on the market. Studies have shown that vegan protein supplements work in similar ways to their whey and casein counterparts and effectively build muscle and reduce fat stores in the body.

With a range of lactose, dairy and cruelty-free supplements available from Elite, you can take care of all your protein supplementation needs, knowing that you are providing the best for your body.

What is the difference between using a protein supplement and eating protein-rich foods?

Protein rich foods should always be the first choice. However the difference between using a protein supplement and foods is generally the amount of protein you will absorb from certain foods, the total calories you consume in a meal and how easy it is to measure your protein intake. When we eat protein as part of a meal there are other nutrients involved which may impact our absorption rate and generally speaking absorption is faster with a protein powder supplement. Many people prefer to get their daily protein requirements from supplements as they can easily measure their intake and monitor the number of calories consumed at the same time. For those who prefer to gain their daily protein intake from foods, we have a range of protein bars, bites, cookies, and chips available to use intermittently during the day to gain a more consistent protein intake or a slow-release protein option for those who are wanting to use their protein supplements to stem their appetite.

How do I know what protein powder supplements are right for me?

Depending on your fitness goals, some protein supplements may be more preferable than others. Many people choose their preferred protein powder by flavour. Our selection of protein powder online comes in a wide range of flavours to enhance the taste which are perfect for your pre or post-workout shakes. Our selection of flavours include:

Finding the right taste and effectiveness for you is often a system of trial and error, which is why we offer trial packs of protein powder online for you to try before committing to buying a larger amount.

Where can I buy protein powder?

As a leading retailer of international and Australian protein powder supplements, you can satisfy all your protein buying needs in our online shop or in one of our many physical store locations. Our range of protein powder online is vast, and we offer every option from organic protein bars to gluten-free choices to satisfy all dietary requirements in a range of tastes and flavours. When you shop with the best provider of protein supplements in Australia, you will be sure to find the right protein option to support you in achieving each and every one of your fitness and health goals. 


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