4 Ways Pre-Workout Supplements Get You Better Results

4 Ways Pre-Workout Supplements Get You Better Results

You have a lot of choice if you’re in the market for a pre-workout supplement. And adding one to your routine seems like a no-brainer when you read about the benefits. Who doesn’t want to get bigger results from every workout, and a better return on every drop of energy expended in the gym? Pre-workout supplements promise this, and more.

But how do they help specifically? And are they actually effective? Here at Elite Supps we’re big believers in the benefits of pre-workout supplements. Here are 3 reasons the majority of people should try them.

1 - Pre workout gives you more energy

A good pre-workout powder that’s working for you will make you feel considerably more energized for your workout. This helps on many levels - from getting your mindset right so you actually feel like you’re about to crush your workout, through to caffeine’s positive effects on your nervous system, which makes exercise feel less taxing so you can actually train harder for longer. If you struggle to motivate yourself and get your head right for early morning sessions, pre-workouts can also be a great help to fix that and get you in the game.

2 - Pre workout can boost your Levels of Alertness

If you find yourself dragging your feet on the way into the gym, adding a pre workout to the mix will definitely help! Not only does pre workout contain caffeine to get you perked up, it also contains ingredients to boost your concentration. Staying sharp mentally in the gym is important to avoid injury. 

3 - Greater, Longer Lasting Power

Many of the most effective pre-workout powders contain creatine, which is proven to increase your power and improve results from heavy training. And this benefit isn’t just applicable to those who are bodybuilding. Even endurance athletes can improve their results thanks to creatine, which can be effective in delaying the onset of fatigue. This is an obvious plus point for anyone who trains regularly, regardless of the end goal

4 - Increased Muscle Building & Reduced Muscle Breakdown

Amino acids, which are common in pre-workout powders, have wide reaching benefits. BCAAs - in particular Leucine - are extremely effective in building more muscle, faster. Other amino acids can also reduce the rate of muscle breakdown during an intense workout. This helps you recover quicker and more effectively than you may be used to.

Potential Downsides of Pre Workout

There can be some negative effects, and you should be aware they exist. Different ingredients, in different combinations and quantities affect people in different ways. So finding the right brand for you personally is key. The caffeine contained in pre-workout powders can affect sleep cycles - especially if taken later in the day. Some combinations of ingredients can cause headaches or nausea in some people. If this happens you can always try a different brand. Caffeine and creatine, both common pre-workout ingredients, are both diuretics - meaning they absorb water from the body. Don’t go beyond the suggested dosage for pre-workouts, otherwise you could begin to experience dehydration.

Which Pre-Workout Supplement Should You Use?

That’s a tough question as everybody responds differently to different formulations. However, researching and testing has shown the supplements containing all the essential amino acids, with BCAAs, creatine, and B-Vitamins are some of the most effective and bestselling options available. Be sure to check you’re not allergic to any ingredients in your brand of choice before getting started.

Here at Elite Supps we have one of the widest ranges of pre-workout supplements available anywhere. But which pre workout is the best? That depends on what you use it for! If you are training in the evening, try a non stim pre workout. If you are a caffeine fiend and want something that will really rock you boat, try one of our high stimulant pre workouts. And finally, if you want to maximise muscle gain, the best pre workout for you is one containing creatine.  Each one has LOTS of reviews from our existing customers, as well as a full ingredients list.

Shop our bestselling, 5-star rated pre-workout supplements today.

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