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Complete Cremes
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Elite Supplements Embroidered Towel
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Emrald Labs Shaker
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BSC Multivitamin
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Home Workout Kit (Elite Wear)
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Eco Friendly Biodegradable Shaker
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Elite Wear Latex Resistance Bands
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Sports Bottle
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Elite Supps Detox Bottle
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Mens T-Shirt
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Womens Crop Tee
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Womens Tights
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Creatine Monohydrate
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Elite Supps Yoga Mat Black
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Face Mask (Elite Supps Branded)
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Adrenal Switch
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Licorice Super Booster Tea
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FREE delivery for all AUS orders over $150

Same Day Dispatch For Orders Placed Before 1pm



Talk to our Franchising team for more information.

Over 50 successful stores Australia Wide


(02) 6239-2137


At Elite Supplements we never stand still. We are a business that leads our sector by constantly setting trends with modern, innovative new product lines. That is what makes us one of the most dynamic, exciting, and rewarding opportunities for independent business owners.

Express your interest in franchising with Elite Supplements or contact us to suggest a location.


Complete our expression of interest form. You will
receive a further email with more information to
complete the application.

We assess your application and if successful a Non- disclosure agreement (confidentiality agreement) will be sent for completion.

We contact you for a telephone meeting.

We then issue you with our network sales data, network sales figures and a business contract.

We meet each other for a face-to-face interview.

Our team secures a new location.

We arrange for you to get started with some training at Elite Supplements head office.

Upon successful training, you are now part of the team and Australia’s fastest growing supplement brand.


Joe Grima

Adelaide SA
5 Store Owner

After working in the health and supplement industry for over 20 years I recognised an incredible opportunity to partner with Elite Supplements and become my own boss. The brand was head and shoulders above its retail competitors with more innovation and constant progression. Our values and work ethic are aligned and we are continually trying to build Elite Supplements reach more customers to help their fitness journey. I started with one store in 2016 and I am sure the proof is in the pudding with 5 stores now in 2021.

Adam Walker

Sunshine Victoria
1 Store Owner

I’ve always loved the Elite Supplements brand and been a customer since my late teens. I went out on a limb, completed the application form hoped for the best despite my young age. Once the Elite family could feel my commitment and passion towards health and fitness the CEO reach out to express his gratitude and the rest is history. I have opened my first successful store in Sunshine Victoria and received more support than I ever imagined including finance, leasing, bookkeeping and sales training. The experience has been great and I cant wait to open store number 2.

Jason & Jessica Steen

Mount Gambier - Rural SA
1 Store Owner

Being fitness enthusiasts ourselves and purchasing our products online, we noticed a gap in our rural Mt. Gambier for a professional, well-servicing health lifestyle & supplement store. As a busy, pre-baby couple running another family roofing business, we already had our hands quite full with our business and were concerned about the ability of a potential store to operate without our micro-management.

Almost 3 years & 1 baby later, we could not be happier with the way our store is operating without daily micro management from ourselves, giving us flexibility in managing our time. We have loved becoming a well-known & family oriented supplement store in our community that not only has become an important part of our customers' health & fitness journeys but has also been growing in revenue consistently since the day we opened.

Express your interest in franchising with Elite Supplements


Is the application deposit refundable?

The application deposit is fully refundable at any stage in your recruitment process should you wish to withdraw from the process. Please note that the $3,300AUD application deposit is not included in the purchase price of your store if you choose to purchase a store. If you are approved as an Elite Supplements franchise partner, your deposit will go towards covering the legal costs incurred with the creation of your franchise documentation.

How much does a franchise opportunity cost?

Within our retail group we have 3 tiers of sites (regional, sub metro and metro). Investment for metro is typically between $150,000-$250,000AUD, sub metro is between $100,000-$150,000AUD and regional is between $75,000-$150,000AUD.

These fees include franchise fees, working capital, start-up stock, local area marketing and shop fit out.

Do I need to find a location for the store?

No. At Elite Supplements we have a team of leasing experts that assist our franchise and partners with finding new sites and lease renewals. We are open to suggested sites but typically the direction is spearheaded from our team.

If I suggest a location, does that mean I will be awarded that site?

We encourage all existing franchise partners, as well as any interested parties to suggest locations. We have a robust system in place for assessing these sites.

We receive site suggestions quite frequently, so it is unlikely that you are the first person who has suggested the location. The final decision sits with our Franchising team to put forward the absolute best franchise partner for each site and you will not automatically be awarded the site for your suggestion.

Does Elite Supplements provide start up training? Where do I go for my training?

We have a comprehensive training program in place for all franchise applicants potentially joining our franchise community. The training program is up to 10 days long and takes place in Canberra, ACT. Our in-depth training is inclusive of front and back of house operations. A full review of our operations guide will be conducted, and you will be provided with support, learning and development skills leading into operation, launching your store, continuing throughout trading. Initial training will include instore sales, through our network of Canberra stores.

How long will it take to go through the application process?

Each franchise application process differs, though typically, 6 to 12 weeks from application.

Do I need previous experience in the health and fitness industry to be considered?

No. Successful applicants would exhibit personal characteristics in alignment with the Elite Supplements brand. They would have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, ambition to grow a business, commitment to the brands vision and a positive, upbeat attitude.

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Over 50 successful stores Australia Wide


(02) 6239-2137


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