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Adrenal Switch 5 Serves
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Whole Food Bar
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FREE delivery for all AUS orders over $150

Same Day Dispatch For Orders Placed Before 1pm


Biotech USA


Biotech USA was first founded in Hungary in 1993, and has been family owned and run ever since! Biotech USA is now one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of sports supplements in the world and strongly believes in the saying that “the greatest wealth is health”. This brand strives to provide products to help people live a healthy and happy life while making it easier for people to achieve their fitness goals. Here at Elite Supplements, you can browse a huge range of Biotech USA supplements. There is something for everyone!



The team at Biotech USA have worked extremely hard to bring some of the most clean and practical supplements to the market. They believe in “quality above all” - producing products that are vegan friendly, clinically tested and offer a huge variety in amazing flavours. 

Biotech USA is dedicated to offering supplements that are effective, tasty and easy to fit into your lifestyle 💙



Elite Supplements has teamed up with Biotech USA to bring a wide variety of Biotech USA products to the Australian market. Some of the stand out products include: Iso Whey Zero 💪, Creatine Monohydrate ⚡, Liquid Acetyl L-Carnitine ⏳ and BCAA Zero. Not only are all these products amazing, Iso Whey Zero is one of the top selling protein powders in the world 💜



As a business, Biotech USA is committed to helping everyone to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Their mission is to:

  • Spread the power of moving and connect people all around the world 🌎
  • Promote healthy and fit lifestyle and support wellbeing 🏃
  • Encourage dedicated talents to grow 🌿
  • Provide high-quality, safe and tasteful food supplements 💊


Why is Iso Whey Zero so popular?

Iso Whey Zero is an extremely lean and fast absorbing protein that is gluten free, sugar free, lactose free and contains under 1g of both fat and carbohydrates per serve. This product also comes in 17 different flavours!

What’s the difference between Iso Whey Zero and 100% Pure Whey?

Both these products are whey proteins. However, Iso Whey Zero is a whey isolate meaning that it is more refined and is absorbed by the body at a faster rate than regular whey.

Can I have Iso Whey Zero on non-training days and more than once a day?

Daily protein intake should be monitored even on non-training days for optimal muscle gaining results. It is absolutely okay to have Iso Whey Zero on non-training days and more than once a day if needed. Although Iso Whey Zero is a great way to get protein into your diet, keep in mind, the majority of your protein intake should be sourced from real foods such as meat and other protein sources.

Does Biotech USA make any vegan products?

Yes! Biotech has a vegan protein that's made from both pea and rice protein which are both highly absorbable which is great for muscle growth and recovery. Each serving contains 19g of natural sourced protein.

What will BCAA Zero do for me?

BCAA Zero by Biotech USA is formulated with 2:1:1 ratio of amino acids that help to increase lean muscle mass and optimise muscle recovery after training. It also helps to energise and minimise fatigue. This product is also sugar free, gluten free and lactose free.


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