Breast Cancer: Exercise is good medicine

Breast Cancer: Exercise is good medicine

According to our friends at McGrath Foundation, breast cancer will affect 19,866 women in Australia this year alone. Fortunately, around 91% of women diagnosed with breast cancer will still be alive five years after diagnosis.

Interestingly, there is now good evidence that shows exercise may reduce the risk of breast cancer returning. Breast Cancer Network Australia quotes research with more than 12,000 women that showed exercise after a breast cancer diagnosis may reduce the risk of recurrence by 24%.

A study from America’s National Cancer Institute says women who engage regularly in physical activity before their cancer diagnosis and after treatment are less likely to die and less likely to have the cancer return.

“Our data strongly suggest that the more consistently active patients were, the better they did,” said the study’s lead author Dr Rikki Cannioto.

The study found those who met minimum physical activity guidelines – 2.5 to 5 hours of moderate intensity activity or 1.25 to 2.5 hours of vigorous aerobic activity weekly – before and after diagnosis reduced chances of recurrence by a massive 55%. 

That same level of exercise reduced chance of death from any cause by 68% compared to those that didn’t meet the minimum guidelines.

It’s never been a secret that exercise is good for you. But evidence is now showing just how good it really is, even against cancer.

Help us to help McGrath Foundation

Here at Elite Supplements we’re all about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Fitness is the reason we exist. It’s deeply embedded in everything we do.

So this month from October 18, we’re going fully pink to support McGrath Foundation and its work in supporting McGrath Breast Care Nurses around Australia.

We’ve put together an exclusive run on Emrald Labs Pre Shred and Pre Load, in conjunction within support of the McGrath Foundation. For every hot pink tub of fairy floss flavour sold – online or in-store –a dollar will go to McGrath Foundation.

Everyone who buys the hot pink Emrald Labs Pre Shred and Pre Load will be rewarded with a pink Elite Supplements shaker. The first 1000 buyers will also score a free, pink t-shirt.

In summary, both online and in-store:

  • $1 from every fairy floss flavoured hot pink Emrald Labs Pre Shred and Pre Load tub goes to McGrath Foundation
  • Every hot pink tub comes with a free pink Elite Supplements shaker
  • The first 1000 buyers of the hot pink Emrald Labs Pre Shred and Pre Load tubs also receive a free pink t-shirt

We have created the unique, Emrald Labs products in the hope we can motivate everyone not just to support a brilliant organisation, but also to maintain their healthy and active lifestyles. 

In a time when our ability to move and travel, to socialise with friends and family, see our work colleagues and play sport on the weekends etc., are heavily impacted by a pandemic, it pays for everybody to focus on their health.

What does McGrath Foundation do?

Why did Elite Supplements choose to partner with McGrath Foundation? 

That’s simple.

“We’re all about health and fitness, and we’re powerfully concerned about the effect of breast cancer on women in Australia,” says Domenic Giampaolo, Managing Director of Elite Supplements.

“The 1710 McGrath Breast Care Nurses supported by McGrath Foundation are on the front line, having supported over 10095,000 families across Australia since 2005. Here at Elite Supplements, we think that’s an awesome performance. We can help by doing two things – financially supporting those nurses and encouraging greater health outcomes by helping ensure active lifestyles.”

It costs round $140,000 to fund a single McGrath Breast Care Nurse for one year, including training and development. Amazingly, in a country the size of Australia, 90% of women live within 75 kilometres of one of these highly specialised nurses.

How does Emrald Labs Pre Shred and Pre Load help a workout?

Emrald Labs Pre Shred: Australian made and owned, Emrald Labs Pre Shred helps the body burn fat, dampens appetite, enhances mood and boosts mental sharpness. It’s all in a delicious package, stirred or shaken into water, that offers clean energy without the caffeine crash. We think it’s the most effective and reliable fat burner on the market.

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To help fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses across Australia, and grab a free pink shaker (and free t-shirt for the first 1000 buyers)

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