Iso Sensation Whey Protein Isolate Review

Iso Sensation Whey Protein Isolate Review

In the endless brands of protein we have seen rise and fall, ‘Iso Sensation’ has stood the test of time remaining still one of the highest quality proteins and products sort out for in the market.

The majority of protein powders are a relatively simple blend of isolate and concentrate and sometimes even casein proteins. ISO SENSATION uses only one type of protein, and not just any old isolate which companies use and don’t tell you the process in which it is made, or its quality that could have been lost in the heat process...

ISO SENSATION uses a  “double cold temperature processed cross-flow full-spectrum premium microfiltrated whey protein isolate”. Now i know what your thinking.. that’s a mouth full right? Well to put it simply for us users, it means through a double cold temperature process no quality of protein is lost, and that’s how ultimate nutrition are able to achieve the massive 93% protein per scoop. No thickeners, no fillers, no crap.

  • For the consumers benefit they have added..
  • Colostrum for its IGF1 properties
  • Glutamine, and glutamine peptides for added recovery
  • Alpha lipoic acid for shuttling nutrients into the cells
  • Digestive enzymes to maximise the breakdown and absorption of protein 

The ideal consumer for this protein is really...everyone and anyone. Boy or girl, dieting or building. With 0 fat and not even 1 gram of sugar detected, it leaves you with a super clean high protein ’30 grams’ which is extremely low in sodium and cholesterol.  

Now enough about the need to know ins and outs, lets talk about what's really important... flavour! In my opinion, ‘Cafe Brazil’ is in no doubt the best tasting coffee flavour in the world of proteins. Following close behind is their Chocolate Fudge and Cookies and Cream. They offer 6 flavours in total with no funny after tastes from sweeteners, and also a natural (no flavour) for the extra conscious ‘plain Jane’ people out there. Mix ability is great and simple, its thin and its meant to be! Leaving you with room to eat your post training meal half an hour after so you’re not feeling bloated and slushy.

In conclusion ‘Iso Sensation’ provides the user with a delicious and easy way to consume the necessary levels of protein to build muscle or as a snack, without the worry of stomach bloating, poor absorption, or smelly farts. In my opinion don’t waste your money on cheap proteins, you train your best, so put in your best!

If you are a fan of 'Iso Sensation", try Iso1000 by Dymatize. It has the same highly quality protein profile as Iso Sensation.

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