Taking Fat Loss Back to the Basics

Taking Fat Loss Back to the Basics


When it comes to losing weight, binge eating is the absolute enemy. And, once you skip a meal it can be so easy to overindulge and reach for that nutella jar at the back of the pantry. So, to avoid binging on unhealthy foods you should aim to eat five meals a day. They should be breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner. If you know that you’ll be eating five meals a day you can pre plan your meals and snacks with healthy choices.

Binging isn’t the only problem when it comes to skipping meals either – it considerably slows down your metabolism. Yep, while it may sound too good to be true, eating more actually helps you lose weight faster.


While food is extremely important when it comes to losing weight, exercise is another golden rule. It makes sense, the more calories you burn off, the quicker your clothes sizes shrink. Plus, exercising helps to keep your healthy eating on track because it makes you determined not to undo those brutal hours of working out you spent on the treadmill by binging of something laden with calories.

We could preach to you the benefits of exercising for hours and hours, but it comes down to basic common sense that working out is not only going to improve your health as a whole, but help you lose weight too.


The ultimate answer to burning fat quickly is HIIT (high intensity interval training) exercise. This form of working out consists of short bursts of very intense exercising followed by rest periods and will soon turn your body into fat-burning overdrive. It’s also great for those who struggle to find time to exercise, HIIT shouldn’t take more than thirty mins a day out of your schedule.

There’s plenty of different HIIT exercise you can undertake, like skipping, sprinting, jump roping or using a punching bag. Basically, anything that gets your heart racing before stopping for a (sometimes active) rest period. The ultimate bonus of HIIT training is that because of the speed it generates in your metabolism, your body will continue burning weight long after you’ve stopped exercising.


Sometimes losing weight isn’t as simple as eating healthily and exercising. No matter how hard you try, the number on the scale just won’t drop. Sound familiar? Then maybe you need something else that will help give you the results you’ve been dreaming of, and to encourage you to stay on track. Cue: Fat burning supplements. A magical little substance you can take to kick start your weight loss journey and give you the results that will convince you to keep going.

Fat burners are a supplement that you take that is designed to increase your metabolism, reduce your appetite and increase energy. The combination of these three things will eventually result in weight loss at a much faster pace than simply dieting. Different fat burners are made of different ingredients, one of the most popular is using the stimulant caffeine.

There’s a range of fat burner supplements available through Elite supplements and come in many different forms, including shakes, tablets and powders in a range of flavours.


Now, this one is super obvious. If you limit the amount of calories you consume then, theoretically, the kilos should start melting off. The catch here though is that it can be so easy to not count small snacks here and there, for example a handful of nuts that you ate in your morning meeting or a tim tam you scoffed while watching TV. While it mightn’t seem like much, that 70 odd calories definitely adds up. Before you know it, these calories throw you way over your daily allocated amount and you’re wondering just why you’re not losing weight even though (according to your calculations) you’ve been sticking to your daily limit.

A good suggestion is to try one of the calorie tracking apps, like MyFitnessPal. Basically, you enter the food you’ve eaten and the portion size of it and the app will note how many calories you’ve consumed. Because you always have your phone on you it’s so easy to pop anything – including snacks – in there. It’ll ask you to set a goal weight in a certain amount of given time and the app will automatically tell you exactly how many calories you have left for the rest of the day to consume.


While you’ve already been schooled on the importance of eating healthily and counting calories, eating protein is also a sure fire way to amp up your metabolism and shred kilos quickly. In fact, increasing the amount of protein you eat actually increases muscle mass – which is turn kick starts your metabolism. Your body actually burns more calories when you eat protein than it does when it’s digesting fats or carbs.

Plus, in a study conducted in America it found that dieters actually gained muscle mass (and increased metabolism) without workout out, simply by consuming a high protein diet. Who can argue with science?

Not sure how much protein you should be eating? Have a look at our handy guide. You can also shop a range of protein supplements right here.

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