The Cure for Small Arms

The Cure for Small Arms

Let’s face it , everyone loves a good set of pipes. There’s no better way to fill out the sleeves of your favourite shirt then to add some size to your upper arms. Having well developed arms, especially Triceps (which account for three quarters of your total arm size) is one of the few muscle groups that can tell people straight away that you like to work out. So let’s take a look at a few ways to get you from rocking garden hoses to full blown gun show!

Focus on the Brachialis

The best way to build stubborn biceps is to focus on the brachialis, This is the muscle located under your biceps and is responsible for a lot of arm strength and thickness. The best exercise to target this muscle group is Hammer curls. To do a hammer curl, hold a dumbell in your hand with your palm facing towards your body. This is different to a standard curl, where your palm faces upwards towards the ceiling. Keep your elbows close to your body and slowly curl the dumbell towards your shoulders. Pause for a second at the top then slowly lower your arm again in a controlled manner.

You can also try an over grip rather than under grip on barbell curls. This reverse curl will reduce your leverage on the weight and recruit more muscles to do the exercise. This one will test your grip strength, so start with a lighter weight than you normally would use for traditional barbell curls. 

By using these exercises to build your brachialis, you will be adding more foundation to your muscles, which will make your arms look bigger overall. 

Try adding a decline to triceps extensions

In order to bet bigger arms, you need to work your muscles harder! Adding a decline or using a more difficult variation of an exercise is a great way to achieve this. Decline triceps extension works better than flat because the decline position stimulates more muscle fibres and stretches the triceps better, both of which triggers a lot more growth! Try using a decline bench next time you go to do lying triceps extensions. 

To do a decline lying triceps extension, first start with a decline bench. Lower one end - that's where your head is going to be. With a dumbell in each hand, extend both your arms straight out in front of you, at a 90 degree angle to your body. Slowly lower your forearms towards your head so that your elbow are at a 90 degree angle, keeping your palms facing each other. Slowly raise them vack towards the ceiling. Adding the extra resistance of the decline will make this step even harder. You're welcome. 

Target the lateral head

We don't want to throw too much jargon at you here. Building bigger arms is all about targeting each one of your muscle groups - not just the biceps. The lateral head is the muscle a the top of your triceps, just below your shoulder. To target this little guy (and make him a big guy) you can try using lockouts with a heavy weight. Using lockouts limits your range of motion, so you can use a heavier weight and focus on individual muscle groups. 

To do these, start in a bench press position using a rack or power cage. Just make sure you have adjustable safety pins. Set your pins high enough that you are only using the top third of the range of motion. Perform your bench press with the usual form. Using this technique you can bench a much heavier weight and increase your overall strength and size safely. 

Get your squeeze on!

Squeeze! Make sure you are really squeezing the target muscle on every rep. You won’t be able to make a weak muscle grow if you can’t get it to work. Don’t be that guy in the gym jerking ridiculous weights around and 6 months later looks exactly the same!

Pump it up

Maximise the pump. If you haven't heard of the pump, you are missing one of the best feelings you can get in the gym. We'll let Arny take it from here - no one says it better than him.

So getting your pump on feels great, but it also helps you get bigger and stronger. Getting more oxygenated blood into the muscle will not only help it work harder but improve delivery of key nutrients after training. A product like Pre Pump by Emrald Labs works great for this!

Focus on your nutrition

Breaking down muscle is one thing, but without fuel no growth can occur. Making sure you are getting enough protein is key, and probably something you already have covered. To take the next step, consider sipping amino acids during or after your workout. such as Breaking down muscle is one thing, but without fuel no growth can occur. Making sure you are getting enough protein is key, and probably something you already have covered. To take the next step, consider sipping amino acids such as Anabolic State by Nutrabolics during or after your maximise recovery and performance. Mixing a carb supplement with those amino acids like Emrald Labs Waxy Maize will feed those broken muscles and allow them to come back bigger and stronger the next time!

    Start using some of the tips and tricks we’ve mentioned in this article and you’ll be on your way to bigger and better arms in no time!

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