The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

We have compiled the ultimate holiday gift guide to help you choose the right present for your pal! We've got the shortlist for your gym junkies, that girls, over caffeinated pals, indecisive buddies, and snacky friends. 


The Gym Junkie

Have you noticed your friend is looking particularly jacked lately? Have you observed any of the following?

  • Wears activewear to non-athletic gatherings
  • Several shakers strewn about the backseat of their car
  • Stretching at inappropriate times during the day due to their “killer workout” yesterday, or the day before, or indeed, the day before that

Possibly they have reached their final form as a Gym Junkie. No fear - they might not fit into their old t-shirts anymore but they’ll love these gifts!

Disorder pre workout

Disorder Pre Workout

The cult favourite pre workout with a hectic formula! This present is guaranteed to put a smile on any gym junkies face. Try our best selling flavours Purple Reign or Pink Bits!





iso zero


Iso Zero Protein

This high quality whey protein isolate is low lactose, low carb, and gluten free - a recipe for a happy gym bro! Try our favourite cookie caramel flavour for a tasty post workout snack.




creatine monohydrate


Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is as close as it gets to a magic muscle building potion - with over 700 human studies proving its safety and efficacy in improving muscular strength and endurance. Get this for your pal and their huge biceps will thank you forever.




That Girl

Is your friend wearing a lot more beige than before? Keep an eye out for these characteristics:

  • More often than not has hair in low, slicked back bun or ponytail
  • Claims to be lactose intolerant, but eats cheese with reckless abandon
  • Spends several critical hours of their day watching “that girl” morning and night routines on Tik Tok

It's possible the "That Girl" lifestyle has taken over their personality. These products will fit right into the aesthetic effortlessness of their instagram feed!

moon mylk

Moon Mylk

Reduce stress and anxiety with this delicious choccy drink! Formulated with ashwagandha, magnesium, and zinc, this drink will improve relaxation and the quality of your sleep. Unwind the aesthetic way!





aqua collagen protein powder

Aqua Collagen

Collagen is a staple for promoting healthy skin, hair, and nails! This tasty collagen drink is formulated with coconut water for bonus hydration!





greens powder

Greens + 

Gone are the days you need to purchase 12 different satchets of superfoods from the grocery store! Get all the 2012 glory of eating your superfoods in one convenient, and aesthetically green, drink.






Twitchy Friend

We all have a friend with a crippling dependence on caffeine. In case you’re needing confirmation - look out for these signs:

  • Often discusses their desire to cut back on their caffeine intake without any serious intention of doing so
  • A lot of your advice to them can be reduced to the phrase “get some more sleep”
  • They double scoop pre workout with flagrant disregard to recommended serving size

Maybe this holiday season your friend needs a HINT. Try these gifts to get the point across! 

adrenal switchAdrenal Switch

With the amount of caffeine in their system, your friend needs some recovery. Un-fry their adrenals with adrenal switch! This recovery formula aids in hormonal support, improving sleep quality, and decreasing stress. 





Stim-free Pre Workout

Get all the perks of pre workout without the additional caffeine! Get your blood flowing and improve your workout without making your heart explode. 





sleep aid

Sleep Aid

Sleep aid will help you feel fresh, energized, and recovered. GABBA and Valerian Root Powder aid in helping your body fall asleep faster.
indecisive friend

Does your friend relate to Chidi from The Good Place? Maybe you’ve noticed the following:

  • Will text you at all hours for advice on their outfit, romantic partner, and general direction in life
  • Knows the return policy of most online shopping channels off the top of their head
  • More often than not they are a Libra

It can be impossible to choose a present for someone so changeable. How are you meant to choose a flavor for them when they can’t do it for themselves! Get these multipacks so they can try each one without consequence.


disorder variety pack
Disorder Variety Pack

12 satchets of different flavours? No buyers remorse here! Let your pal ruminate over which flavour they love best whilst enjoying a sick pump and epic focus.






whey multipack


100% Whey Multipack

Try 6 flavours of the best selling 100% Whey protein to be 100% sure of which one you love most!





macro mike mug cake variety pack


Mug Cake Variety Pack

These super easy to make protein mug cake contains less than 165 calories and zero headaches of choosing a flavour! 






snacky friend

Identification features:

  • Walks out of every servo with (minimum) one snack
  • Will ask at each restaurant and bar “If I get chips will someone share them with me”
  • You’ve gone to their house and accidentally sat on a chocolate bar

If they’re gonna snack, help them at least hit their protein targets. Get them these delicious treats for Christmas!

    quest protein chips

    Tortilla Style Protein Chips

     Chips with extra protein? It's a dream come true! Pro tip: using these chips as nachos is next level delicious.







    custard protein bars

    Custard Plant Protein Bars

    These protein bars have it all - a little bit of crunch, a little sweet, and a lot of protein! These are also available in non-vegan varieties!






    protein creme

    Protein Creme

    Like custard but better -  this protein filled treat is so easy to make and even easier to finish the tub! 






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