Vanilla Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

Vanilla Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

We are gracing you with this beauty of a smoothie bowl =) 

This strawberry-flavoured vegan protein smoothie bowl is not only delicious and naturally sweet, but will also filling thanks to a few secret ingredients. It may just become your favourite pre-workout breakfast.

So, if you’re looking for your next healthy breakfast idea, you should give this one a try because it’s:

Ready in five minutes! All you have to do is add the ingredients to a blender and then decorate (unless you choose to be REALLY intricate).
Super thick. And, you can adjust how much liquid you use depending on what consistency you want to achieve.
Satiating. It will energise you all throughout the morning.
Good for an on-the-go breakfast: simply pour it into a jar as opposed to a bowl.
Genuinely delicious and naturally sweet. We ain’t about gross smoothies around here.

Secret Ingredient: Naked Harvest Thrive Plant protein. THRIVE is packed FULL of nutrients, vitamins and minerals & functional ingredients to promote a thriving body. We have formulated the perfect plant-based protein (pea and rice) with Magnesium, Organic Maca, Siberian Ginseng, Digestive Enzymes, Psyllium Husk and more to provide you with increased energy, mental performance, immune protection and extra tummy love.


1 1/2 bananas
1 cup of frozen strawberries
1 serving of Naked Harvest's THRIVE Vanilla protein powder 
A small amount of water


Blend everything together
Serve with your fave toppings

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