what is collagen good for

What Is Collagen Good For?

Collagen supplements are becoming a huge bestseller, but what is collagen good for?

Many people don’t know what collagen actually is or why they might benefit from taking a daily collagen supplement. But collagen is naturally found in the human body and can help fight signs of aging, improve your bone and joint health, and it can even help heal wounds.

We’ve taken a closer look at what collagen is good for and why you should take a collagen supplement. 

Collagen helps bone density

Collagen is incredibly good for helping improve bone density and strength. Doctors may prescribe collagen for people struggling with bone mineralization. Collagen supplements can promote bone regeneration and reduce bone degradation, which can help prevent breakages, cracks, and fractures. 

Collagen improves joint function

Collagen is also good for promoting joint health, reducing pain, and increasing the range of movement. Collagen is a fibre-like substance that can help build and repair connective tissue, helping to reduce inflammation and pain around joints when you move. By improving connective tissue and bone health, collagen can sometimes help people suffering from arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. 

Collagen for skin, hair, and nails

One of the main reasons collagen can be good is to improve the quality and health of your skin, hair, and nails. Collagen supplements help improve the elasticity in your skin, keeping it looking plump and minimising wrinkles to fight the signs of aging. 

Collagen also supports your body’s production of keratin which makes up your hair and nails. Adding more collagen to your diet can increase the strength and appearance of your hair and nails to stop breakage and improve shine, and it may even help prevent hair loss.  

Collagen for muscle

As a natural protein found in your muscles, taking a collagen supplement can be good to help you maximise your muscle growth. The amino acids can also help build muscle fibres, improve strength, and promote healing. Many athletes take collagen to speed up their recovery after a workout. 

Because collagen is not the same protein as other protein powders, collagen can be used to build lean, strong muscle compared to other protein sources, which can cause bulking and cause the muscle to build in size rather than strength. 

Collagen for wound healing 

From muscle tears and broken bones to minor cuts and scrapes, collagen proteins are important for helping your body heal. Since collagen proteins can help encourage growth and repair, they can also help speed up the healing process. There is some evidence that taking collagen supplements could be good for your overall health and minimising pain after a wound or break. 

Final roundup

If you’ve been wondering what is collagen good for, then the answer is lots of things. Collagen is an excellent supplement to take daily to help support your overall health. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, collagen protein powder can support healthy joints, bones, and muscles, as well as improve your skin, hair, and nails and help with healing and repair. 

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