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FREE delivery for all AUS orders over $150

Same Day Dispatch For Orders Placed Before 1pm


Finau Tua's Favourite Supplements

Faction Labs / Disorder Preworkout in Red Russian:
My fav product is definitely Disorder Pre Workout especially the flavour Red Russian. Literally tastes like red frogs but not only does it taste great it’s a great all round pre-workout. Highly recommended. 

EHP Labs / Oxyshred:

I love Oxyshred for the days I just need a little bit of energy but don’t want to take a high stim pre. I love that I have no comedowns and it’s an amazing tasting product. 

Optimum Nutrition / Amino Energy:

Absolutely cannot workout without this by my side. Not only does it help me get my water intake, it also tastes amazing!

Emrald Labs / CREATINE HCL:

I’ve recently introduced this supplement to my stack and I’m really enjoying it! Also the fact that I know it helps my muscles to recover.


Finau’s Story:

Oh where do I begin... At my heaviest weight I was 220kgs, in 2019. I had gastric sleeve surgery and have lost 70kgs since then. 

I’ve fallen in love with working out and working each day at becoming stronger and healthier. My goal isn’t to be skinny, it’s to be HEALTHY AND STRONG.


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