Fairy Bread Crumpet Stack

Fairy Bread Crumpet Stack

Do you struggle to meet your protein needs AND have trouble finding time to cook healthy nutritious meals? Then you are going to LOVE this delicious protein crumpet stack. It’s quick, easy and ticks all the boxes for a healthy treat. This recipe is perfect if you love the sweetness of protein pancakes in the morning but want to spend less time cooking.

Our girl @tam_fitness_ created this one for us using Red Dragon Protein Mousse in Fairy Bread flavour. This is the perfect treat for a Sunday morning - or any day of the week for that matter! Not to mention it is high in protein and easy to fit into your daily calorie goals. What’s not to love?


  • 1 scoop of Red Dragon Protein Mousse (Fairy Bread flavour)
  • 2 crumpets
  • No sugar vanilla ice cream
  • 1 teaspoon 100's and 1000's (3g)
  • 1 ½ Altimate wafers - crushed (3g)
  • One tablespoon maple syrup


    • Toast 2 crumpets until they are golden brown
    • While they are toasting, whip up 15g (one scoop) of Red Dragon Protein Mousse with 50ml water until thick and creamy
    • Place your cooked crumpets on a plate and lather with the prepared mousse, then stack them on top of each other

    • Add 30g (one generous scoop) of vanilla ice cream to the top of the stack
    • Sprinkle crushed wafers and 100s and 1000s over the top
    • Drizzle with maple syrup

    Now comes the most important part of the recipe - ENJOY! 

    Nutritional information

    • 310 Calories 
    • 46.7 Carbs
    • 2.9 Fat
    • 17.1 Protein

    Watch Tam making the video here

    One more thing: Tam has recommended specific brands and amounts for this recipe. If you are counting calories and/or macros and want your nutritional information to be accurate, make sure you follow her guidelines. If not, use what you have on hand and have fun with it.

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