Sore Joints, Fine Lines, Weakening Muscle - Whats the fix?

Sore Joints, Fine Lines, Weakening Muscle - Whats the fix?

What you want vs what you NEED?

Hasn’t the industry changed? The beauty of an industry exposed where brands like Emrald Labs can now cater away from what you may think you want, and actually provide what you NEED.

Well, it’s because we care! There are certain elements of our lives that get impacted heavily with the changes made through the stress of training (and life), so we’ve developed a line of products to bring you back to a real state of homeostasis (we essentially brought balance back to the force…we hope you get that joke).

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the king (or Queen, we don’t discriminate) of the building blocks which make up about 30% of the fibrous proteins in our body…now that’s a lot of protein! 

What does Collagen do?

More like “What doesn’t it do!”, Collagen has many different functions, which makes it so amazing. The main attraction points to this are the strength it gives to the human bodies, hair, skin and nails! Imagine being complimented on all 3 of those things every day! 

Benefits of Emrald Labs Collagen Supplement?

Although Collagen can be found from other sources, the body can find itself deficient in it due to external variables. Emrald Labs have created a clinically dosed collagen product to ensure that all these elements are met.

  • As you age, the body produces less Collagen causing dry skin, BOOM Emrald Labs Collagen
  • As you train, your joints can strain due to the stress of training, BOOM Emrald Labs Collagen
  • Overexerting yourself at the gym and feel like you’re starting to lose muscle mass…BOOM, Emrald Labs Collagen

There’s a lot more BOOM, Emrald Labs Collagen references we could make, but we’d just love for you to try it and tell us what you think.

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Article by Vivek BhattacharjeeBEXSc University of Canberra

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